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Public inquiries

The THRILL lab is unfortunately not able to respond to most public inquiries. Many of the most common inquiries have been addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions, including questions or concerns regarding ride safety in local jurisdictions.

Media inquiries

Journalists with questions related to the THRILL Program should contact Dr. Woodcock by email. As she is deaf, telephone contact is not possible, but email contact can usually be quick. In addition, you may wish to refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or previous media coverage for background information. See also her personal website for more information.

See contact information below.

Student inquiries

Students doing smaller projects for high school and university, and student journalists writing articles for their student papers are welcome to use information from this site with appropriate references. Many other links are provided on this site that should help your project. Please be aware that you are unlikely to get a personal response if you ask a question that is already answered on this site or on a source linked here.

Students who are carrying out major projects such as thesis or capstone research projects are welcome to be in touch. There may be possibilities for collaboration with THRILL student projects, and linking to or mirroring your major paper on the THRILL site.

The THRILL lab has workspaces for up to six student researchers and technicians. Associates and off-campus collaborators are also welcome.

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See contact information below.

Contact information

No live links to email or contact media appears in this blog, to reduce harvesting by bots. Humans are welcome to crack the code for legitimate inquiries.

Email kathryn [dot] woodcock {at} torontomu [dot] ca

Dr. Woodcock is deaf. “Deaf” means unable to hear. She can speak but cannot receive your inquiries or do interviews by telephone. With sufficient advance planning to secure interpreter coverage, a video or face to face interview can be arranged.

Dr. Woodcock posts about rides and attractions, as well as disability and deafness issues on Instagram, Bluesky, and Threads at safeandsilent



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