Opening Day

Princes' Gates with confetti at opening

Wearing an insulated jacket and still feeling chilly, I did a round of the midway before the opening this morning. No students today, though all are advised to check out the fair from now to Labour Day to watch how the guests interact with the rides — and with each other around the rides. Rides don’t exist for their own purposes. They exist to do something meaningful for the guest, on a sensory level or a social level, or both.

Things that were a long way from assembled when we left yesterday are now ready for guests. This one below looked like this yesterday afternoon. Teamwork and experience!

Alpine Bobs

The Zipper that was reclining yesterday was standing up today.

Zipper up

After the official opening, there were frogs to be flung and ducks to be picked.

frog bog game joint
pick a duck game joint

We’ll be back on the midway next week!

Author: Kathryn Woodcock

Dr. Kathryn Woodcock is Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University, teaching, researching, and consulting in the area of human factors engineering / ergonomics particularly applied to amusement rides and attractions (, and to broader occupational and public safety issues of performance, error, investigation and inspection, and to disability and accessibility.