Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ride?

I am not by nature a rider, in the sense of meticulously logging my coaster credits, but not because of any concerns about the technology. I enjoy watching the rides operate but I don’t enjoy the exhilaration! I often found that I would reconsider once I get up in the air or spinning upside down and backwards! For the sake of research and seeing the ride from the rider’s point of view, I have made peace with many exciting attractions, but there are still rides I would find too intense.

I would look a ride over before putting my ride-happy daughter in it, and I would never put her in a ride if she was too small, not adequately secured by the restraint, or afraid of the ride. And when I’m fresh from a hectic term and a stressed-out travel itinerary, it’s just good sense to save an intense ride for later in the vacation, when the relaxation has set in, and take the time to sit down after the ride when I still feel the intensity.

We don’t always know all of our undiagnosed conditions, but I would not disregard a medical warning on a ride as mere lawyerese, and we can all use good sense and listen to our bodies. It is important to read the safety rules posted at every ride and not take on extra risks. The sign doesn’t say “keep your hands in the car” because they want to spoil your fun. They want you to have fun, and it’s important to keep your hands in, or an injury might spoil your fun.