Frequently Asked Questions

The focus of THRILL is on human factors and amusement safety. The brief responses to these frequently asked questions from media interviews, presentation audience questions, and other assorted topics reflect a human-factors perspective, and many link to other sources of information.

“Human Factors”?

Where are amusement rides?

What types of amusement rides do you mean?

How safe are amusement rides?

Which rides are safest? Which rides to avoid?

Is anyone checking the rides to protect the public?

How can the public check on the safety record of a ride, a park or a carnival company?

How are rides tested for safety?

What about heavy riders, and riders of various sizes?

Do you ride?

I tried to send you email but you did not reply.

Off-site links to industry and consumer resources

ASTM Committee F24 ride safety standards adopted in numerous jurisdictions internationally

International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, international trade organization focused on theme parks, amusement parks, family entertainment centres, museums, zoos, science centres and related fixed-site attractions

Outdoor Amusement Business Association, representing mobile ride operators, primarily North America

Themed Entertainment Association, representing creators, developers, designers and producers of compelling places and experiences

Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers, collaborative organization sponsored by manufacturers and suppliers to provide safety education

InPark Magazine, trade periodical

Amusement Today, trade periodical

Blooloop, industry media outlet networking the attractions business

Coaster 101, educating and communicating the enthusiast perspective

Theme Park Insider, blog with insightful editorial analysis of industry trends

Screamscape, blog with industry observations, rumours, and analysis