Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to send you email but you did not reply.

There are several reasons why you may not have received a reply.

  1. My email system is set to reject messages that resemble unsolicited commercial email (spam). No-subject messages, messages from mail services commonly used by email abusers, and messages with certain words are often deleted. Please ensure your message subject clearly indicates that it is related to amusement ride safety research or your specific interest in that area.
  1. Also, we are not an all-purpose clearing house for all information about amusement rides. You can find a great deal of information through your search engine of choice and even searching this site. If your question falls outside of the scope of this project and we’re in a busy phase, we may not be able to acknowledge your message. If it falls within the scope of the project, but we are in an extremely busy phase, we may not reply immediately.
  1. We will not write your essay or term paper for you. If you are a student doing research for a course assignment, you must allow sufficient time (2-3 weeks) before your deadline, and your email MUST include the email address of your teacher/professor in the cc field and identify your school/college/university and the course in which you are registered, because I WILL contact them. If you do not include their information or it is incorrect, you will not receive a reply.
  1. You may have addressed your message wrong. The email address is kathryn [dot] woodcock [at] torontomu [dot] ca. Spelling counts.
  1. Surprisingly many messages come with incorrect return addresses. People borrow other peoples’ email, set their mail client up wrong, or allow their webmail service inbox to get full. It is aggravating to spend valuable time writing a reply that bounces back as “recipient unknown” or “mailbox full”. If we cannot simply click on Reply to answer the message on the first try, please do not count on an answer.